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Road Sense : Road Characteristics Recognition
using Acoustic feedback and Machine Learning

Year 2019-2020 | Role Project Manager, UX Researcher| Funding Hyundai NGV | Advisor Andrea Bianchi


I led a lab project as a project manager and UX researcher. The project was developing a road classifier using an electric scooter driving vibration.

As Project Manager

I wrote the proposal and successfully won this project. I collaborated with students with electrical and mechanical engineering, computer science, and design backgrounds to work cooperatively on the hardware, software, and UX parts.

  • Hardware : Make a Sensing Prototype

  • Software : Build a Road Recognition ML model

  • UX : Secondary Research and User Scenario Design 

I studied every part of the project and had a perfect final presentation not only exceeding the initial project goals but also establishing additional social and technical value.

As UX Researcher

With designing User Scenario using design methodologies, I suggested how this road classifier can be used and further developed for adaptive driving.

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