Hello! I am Hyein Lee, recently received M.S. in Industrial Design at KAIST.

My research interests are in building a novel interface and interaction that enriches User Experiences through Wearable, Haptic, VR/AR, and Fabrication.  


I was advised by Andrea Bianchi at the MAKinteract Lab, a part of the HCI@KAIST group.


SIGGRAPH ASIA 2020 Emerging Technologies

MAScreen: Augmenting Speech with Visual Cues of Lip Motions, Facial Expressions and Text Using a Wearable Display

Hyein Lee, Yoonji Kim, Andrea Bianchi

UIST 2020 Paper

SchemaBoard: Supporting Correct Assembly of Schematic Circuits using Dynamic In-Situ Visualization

Yoonji Kim, Hyein Lee, Ramkrishna Prasad, Seungwoo Je, Youngkyung Choi, Daniel Ashbrook, Ian Oakley, Andrea Bianchi

CHI 2019 Paper

VirtualComponent: a Mixed-Reality Tool for Designing and Tuning Breadboarded Circuits


Yoonji Kim, Youngkyung Choi, Hyein Lee, Geehyuk Lee, Andrea Bianchi

CHI 2018 Paper

Hapcube: A Wearable Tactile Device to Provide Tangential and Normal Pseudo-Force Feedback

on a Fingertip

Hwan Kim, HyeonBeom Yi, Hyein Lee, Woohun Lee

CHI 2018 Demo

Hapcube: A Fingertip-Sized Tactile Device Providing 2+1 Dimensional Pseudo-Force Feedback

Hwan Kim, HyeonBeom Yi, Hyein Lee, Woohun Lee


Design Attributes for a More Eco-friendly

Takeout Cup Using Conjoint Analysis

Dasol Hong, Hyein Lee, Yuchun Yan,  Hyeon-Jeong Suk

Archives of Design Research, Vol.32(2), May 2019


Aug 2019-Jan 2020

Road Characteristics Recognition Using Acoustic Feedback

and Machine Learning for Adaptive Driving

Hyundai NGV, Researcher, Project Manager

May 2019-Dec 2019

Aero-Plane: Kinesthetic haptic illusion of objects with moving center of mass

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Researcher

Mar 2019-Feb 2020

Using Virtual Partitions to Foster Collaboration and Personal Productivity

in Future Office

National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF), Researcher

Mar 2019-Feb 2020

Sensing the Anthropocene

National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF), Researcher

Apr 2018-Dec 2019

Available Range Definition of Resolution Factor and Content Distortion Rate

per Inch 

Samsung Electronics, Researcher


Mar 2020-Jul 2020

Graphic Design, Teaching Assistant (TA)

Professor: Deborah Kim, KAIST

Sep 2019-Feb 2020

Counseling Assistant (CA)

Department of Industrial Design, KAIST

Nov 2019

ACM ISS 2019 Student Volunteer

Mar 2019-Jun 2019

Software Prototyping, Teaching Assistant (TA)

Professor: Andrea Bianchi, KAIST

Sep 2018-Feb 2019

Counseling Assistant (CA)

Department of Industrial Design, KAIST

© Hyein Lee

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